Most people think 'socks are socks' so end of story. Sorry but we at Pants People HQ beg to differ. Socks may all be equal, but some are more equal than others ;) Why not mix and match with some of our astonishingly sexy pants?

One size fits all (shoe sizes 6.5 - 12) unless he's King Kong of course.


80% Cotton 19% Nylon 1% Lycra

Wash at 40°C


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Mad Stripes

This stripey twosome makes a bold colourful statement without shouting excessively from the roof tops. Smart brogues like them, but so too do casual loafers. Indeed, we wouldn't be surprised if they were having a 'ménage à trois' right now. Available in 2 colour variants (orange/red bias or blue/green bias) - he's never had it so good!

Product code: 200 81 88

Can't find the size you're after? Tell us about it and we'll see what we can do :)

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