We will be regularly adding new designers to our choice selection on offer. If you have the sudden urge to request or demand a designer that we do not currently feature, then please let us know by adding your comments below or by sending an e-mail with your designer suggestion to iwant@pantspeople.com

The same applies to new product categories and sizing. If you would like to start seeing a new type of clothing on Pants People (e.g. shoes*) or more of a specific size (e.g. XXS or XXL) then again let us know by writing a comment below or by sending an e-mail to iwant@pantspeople.com

Got the hang of it? Well you're more clever than you look as it took us ages to figure this out!

We look forward to receiving all your sensible and crazy requests and we certainly hope that we can fulfil your every desire as soon as humanly possible :p

Best wishes

Pants People

*we're sorry but we won't be selling pink elephants or bird food in the near or distant future.

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