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ImageFancy the pants off someone?

Why not buy him a surprise pair...

So you fancy someone. Maybe it's your boyfriend or your hubbie or a lover, or possibly it's someone you don't even know yet but would like to know a whole lot better!

Well, here's your perfect opportunity to make that special person's day. This is something that will definitely put a smile on his (and your) face ;)

Surprise the man you secretly admire or openly love with a nice new pair of sexy undies in the post - then fancy them off him!

We think it's a win/win situation.

You can either send the gift anonymously using our special "Someone Fancies The Pants Off You" gift card or you can leave a personal message inside the card. It's entirely up to you. But if you're planning on sending a pair to Zac Efron or Jon Bon Jovi, we recommend you write a message to distinguish yourself from the crowd!

Fancying the pants off your man is as easy as 123. Simply choose some designer underwear for him and then select 'Surprise Gift' at checkout. Your pants - no, not your own pants but the ones you have ordered - will be beautifully presented in luxurious wrapping paper and sent with the gift card (with or without a personal message from you) to anywhere in the world or to you if you'd prefer to deliver the gift in person and see how nice they look on and off :)

Browse our current range of stylish designer underwear.

You can also visit our shop on Ebay.

Enjoy shopping with us!

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