Friend Rewards Scheme


OK, we admit it. It's not rocket science. We want everyone to know how nuts we are and we're prepared to scratch your back in turn for spreading the slightly weird gospel according to Pants People.

In theory, if you're popular amongst your friends, then apart from being rather smug, you could be looking at enticing discounts from us on a regular basis!

So, here's the deal: For every 2 friends you introduce to Pants People who both buy underwear from us, you'll get £5 off your next purchase :) (terms & conditions apply)

In a nutshell:

  • Tell all your friends and family about Pants People.
  • When they register on our website and buy a product from us, they will be given the opportunity to mention who recommended Pants People to them. This is their opportunity to give your e-mail address (the one you used yourself when registering with us).
  • Once 2 friends have purchased items from us and included your e-mail address, you will automatically receive a £5 discount in your account to use whenever you wish.
  • If 4 friends were to do this (i.e. buy products from Pants People and mention your e-mail address when they register), that would give you two lots of £5 discounts to use (or £10 off) when shopping. So, if for example you introduced 50 friends who all bought goodies from us, you'd be looking at a whopping £125 discount!

So get out there and start telling everyone how nuts we are ;)

What's your favourite underwear on a man?

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